August Special
Special Buy on our Truckload purchase of Canadian Mahagony Monuments
Top: 36" x 6" x 20" Polished front/back, sides rough.  
Base: 48" x 12" x 6" polished top 
(includes all lettering on the front, delivery, installation and a granite foundation!)
SALE: $2474.00

Blue Earth Monument Inc. is the oldest Monument Company in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa, serving the area since 1877.  We are locally owned and a full service monument company

When you choose a Blue Earth Monument memorial you are assured of true quality and complete satisfaction. That promise is why Blue Earth Monument is one of the leading memorial suppliers.  
Our experienced staff will help you and your family create custom shapes, personalized art work, etchings and shape carved designs.

We are a full service monument company doing all of the work in our modern shop. We have artists and expert memorial consultants on site to help you design and personlize your monument from start to finish. Our employees will place your Memorial in the cemetery for an ever lasting tribute. We invite you to contact us via email at or stop in and visit our large indoor and outdoor display consisting of over 200 in stock memorials.

Date Engraving: $150 (See Services)